Christy Hogcuffed (7 Minutes)

Thumbnail Christy hogcuffed (7 minutes)
6.00 EUR
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After Vivian was handcuffed by Christy, she took revenge and restraint Christy in a hogtie position with Dutch hinged police handcuffs and a set of Peerless...

Fluffy Girl In Cuffs (5:30 Minutes)

Thumbnail Fluffy girl in cuffs (5:30 minutes)
5.00 EUR
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Vivian is restraint with handcuffs and legirons, and put in a hogcuff position. After she was cuffed she was gagged too. Now she is struggle...

Hogtie In The Rain (5 Minutes)

Thumbnail Hogtie in the rain  (5 minutes)
7.00 EUR
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We put our blonde model Christy in a black shiny downjacket. We want to hogtie her but the leggirons are to small for her boots, so...

Boyfriends Assault (10 Minutes)

Thumbnail Boyfriends Assault  (10 minutes)
8.00 EUR
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A cute blond girl in a dark red colored hoodie is waiting for her boyfriend. When he arrives, he has other plans with her than give...

Struggle In Chains (14 Minutes)

Thumbnail Struggle in chains (14 minutes)
9.00 EUR
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Donna is handcuffed, chained and gagged while she was wearing a nice fluffy jacket, she struggle very hard to free herself from all this iron.

After Workout (12 Minutes)

Thumbnail After workout   (12 minutes)
10.00 EUR
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Helena is doing some workout on the exercise bike when she is pull away from it, She is struggle very hard to try for escaping, but...

Cuffed Together (10 Minutes)

Thumbnail Cuffed together  (10 minutes)
8.00 EUR
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After the photoshoots, the girls, Tamara and Christy, told us that is should be easy to escape from handcuffs with long chains. We warned them, do...

Hogcuff Volunteer (3 Minutes)

Thumbnail Hogcuff volunteer  (3 minutes)
4.00 EUR
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Centy wants to be hogcuffed, she lays on the floor and put her hands on her back, waiting when we come to slam the cuffs around...